GLO-Portal is a Community Management System (CMS) custom developed to enhance management and communication in Residential Communities. It consists of a central web-based community portal and a Body Corporate management platform.

The illustration below provides an overview of the system and its core components.

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The core of GLO-Portal is a centralized, web-based database. Through the portal, the database is securely available 24/7 from any device with internet access. The Community Management Office has full access to update and maintain the database of all members. Individual Community Members also receive access to their specific details on the database, enabling members to update and maintain their profiles.

Various features in the database have been included to assist the Management Committee with the maintenance of the Community Database. The database is furthermore backed-up on a regular basis and can be accessed or exported at any time. Rules within the database assist the Community Management Committee in keeping the database as accurate as possible at all times. These rules include things like not allowing the creation of a new member on a stand if the previous member has not been archived or deleted and many more.


GLO-Portal is Securely Hosted on GLOVent’s servers in Cape Town, South Africa. Advanced internet security protocols are followed to support the stability and the protection of the portal and the Community Data. Each member of the community is issued with a unique system generated username & password. This enables them to securely log-in and transact in the Community Section of the portal.

GLOVent deals with the Client’s data, including the member database, in the strictest confidence and shall not disseminate any propriety information to any 3rd party.


Personalized Bulk or Single SMSes can be sent from GLO-Portal directly to the mobiles of community members. Recipient lists can be selected and saved, ranging from a single community member to all the members on the community database. SMSes can be sent immediately or scheduled for future dates.

Personalized Bulk or Single Emails can also be sent from GLO-Portal similar to the bulk SMSes described above. All the functionalities available with SMSes like target list definition, personalized database substitutions and more are available in the email module as well. GLOVent can also assist in the design of professional email headers and footers. Emails sent from GLO-Portal displays professional with the Community’s unique look & feel.

Monthly, weekly or even daily professional looking Electronic Newsletters can be sent via GLO-Portal, similar to the way emails are sent. GLOVent’s Graphic Design Department will assist with the layout and look and feel of the electronic newsletters, ensuring community members are kept up to date with current matters in the community on a professional, cost effective manner.


Electronic Surveys can be run within the community via GLO-Portal. User-friendly electronic surveys ensure great community survey participation. The results of the surveys are kept and summarized in GLO-Portal for easy access and analysis


A File Store Area in GLO-Portal provides a secure online document management solution where community relevant documents can be uploaded and stored. These documents are available 24/7 to members with valid usernames and passwords. Documents can also easily be distributed to members from GLO-Portal via the bulk email module.


GLO-Portal provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionalities assisting the Community Management Committee in managing the relations with each individual community member. Details of each email and sms sent to each member is kept in the member’s profile, including if the message has been delivered and opened. Individual notes can be made about each member that will be visible to the Committee only and members have the functionality of sending notes to the Management Committee from within the portal


GLO-Portal offers an online web portal for community members to socially interact with one another. Community Posts including birthdays and member posts ensures community members are socially connected, regardless of their location.


Various reports are available in GLO-portal giving the Management Committee the tools necessary to effectively manage the affairs of the residential community.


GLO-Portal’s Billing Module manages the basic community member billing functionalities like the issuing of invoices and the recording of payments. Member’s accounts are available 24/7 in the secure portal and information about accounts can be communicated to members via GLO-Portal in various ways.

Member Billing information can be exported in various formats to interface with most major accounting packages like Pastel and Quick Books.


The GLO-Portal Visitor Pre-Clearance module interface with most major access control solutions, allowing members to register and pre-clear visitors for entry to the estate. Each community’s unique visitor access procedures are being accommodated, but the portal will typically sms a unique code to pre-cleared visitors, who in turn use that code to enter and exit the estate.


The Desktop Communicator is a desktop application that can be downloaded and installed by community members on their PC’s. Information from the portal is being updated in on the Desktop Communicator, giving members access to real-time community information.


The Task and Case Management module provides case management and tracking functionalities to the Body Corporate and Community Members. Cases can be logged in the portal with online feedback and progress updates on the case resolution process.


Electronic Magazines are published in the community portal or on the community website. Typical content of the electronic magazines varies from a compilation of newsletters to formal community magazines.


The Online Booking Module facilitates the booking of community facilities like club-houses, tennis courts and more. Members can book and manage their bookings at facilities through the portal. Additional features include automatic booking confirmations and reminders.


Having developed GLO-Portal in-house, GLOVent Solutions provides Custom Integration Services where the portal is integrated with virtually any system used by the community. GLOVent Solution’s technical team evaluates the systems being used in the community and develops solutions to integrate with them as far as possible.

One of the GLO-Portal pre-developed integration modules include an Access Control Module that integrates with most Access Control Systems. The Access Control Module enables Standard Access Control Reporting and Database Integration between the portal and the Community Access Control Systems.


With extensive web development experience and skills, GLOVent Solutions is able to fulfill all the Community’s website development needs. This includes basic ‘online brochure’ type websites publishing basic information about the estate on the web up to complex interactive, dynamic websites


As an additional value-added service, GLOVent Solutions offer communities unique domain name registration, website and email hosting and also maintenance support. Not only will GLOVent Solutions ensure your community website is online, but will also assist in keeping it up to date and relevant.


GLOVent Solutions believes in forming an active partnership with clients. This is achieved by not just leaving clients with an IT System, but by actively supporting them with their Community Management and Communication. The portal is merely the tool used to facilitate the partnership.

Each client will be assigned to an Account Manager that will be available to the client for personal portal and general support. Support includes support on the portal like electronic communication assistance and technical support ranging from database maintenance assistance and advice, electronic survey design, assistance and advice, electronic newsletter layout design and assistance, general technical support and many more.